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Intercom systems, invented in the 1930s, were the first widely available form of access control. Today, these handy devices continue to see widespread use and are available with a variety of options. Intercoms utilize audio and/or video access to communicate both internally and with guests, as well as identifying and providing access to those visiting the property. They can also be voice activated to allow for hands-free operation

Intercoms are most commonly used as a form of access control at the entrances to buildings. However, they can also be useful to control access to other areas, and as a quick form of communication between different areas of a home or business.


On The Go Locksmith is your one-stop resource for any intercom needs! Our mobile locksmith professionals can help you in the selection, and installation process as well as helping to educate you in how to use the various features of your unit to ensure you are getting optimum functionality out of your new intercom system.

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Different Types of Intercom Systems

On The Go Locksmith offers a wide range of intercom systems to choose from for our residential and commercial clients.  Our licensed locksmith technicians can install the following intercom systems:

  Wired and Wireless Audio Intercoms
  Wired and Wireless Video Intercoms
  Smart Intercoms

We will go over the benefits and drawbacks of each intercom system with our clients and find the ideal intercom system for their home and business.  Once our client decides the type of intercom system to install in their home or business, our licensed locksmith technicians will install your intercom system for an affordable price.  Please give us a call today to set up an appointment for your next intercom system installation at your home or business!

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