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High security locks are for those who wish to take the security on their entrances to the next level. The term ‘high security lock’ can be tossed around a bit freely these days by manufacturers. But, only those locks which have been given an appropriate security rating by one of three regulating bodies in the United States can be truly considered ‘high-security.’ As with all our products, On The Go Locksmith only sources high security locks from the most trusted and reliable manufacturers in the industry.

To put it simply, high security locks are those which cannot be opened without the proper key. This is, of course, the goal with all locks. However, standard locks, while certainly offering a degree of security, are generally susceptible to picking techniques by those who know what they’re doing. In fact, much of our business as locksmiths is built around the knowledge to pick these various locks.

High security locks resist traditional picking methods by using advanced lock construction techniques which are unique to, and patented by each individual manufacturer. Having these kinds of locks on your doors means that an intruder would not be able to force entry into your home without breaking a window or door, or using power tools, which would create noise to alert homeowners, pets, or neighbors. The downside is, if you ever accidentally lock yourself out with one of these locks, you’ll need to resort to similar tactics. Even for a professional locksmith, all that can be done against a high security lock is destroy and replace it.

High Security Lock Services

Lock Installation & Lock Repair for High Security Locks



On The Go Locksmith offers the best high-security locks to our residential clients.  We offer high-security locks to home and business owners from the following manufacturers:
 Assa Lock Inc

Your home security is our main priority.  We provide high-security lock installation and maintenance to homeowners at a great price.  Please call us today to set up an appointment.

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