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Access Control – Our security services at On The Go Locksmith include installation and maintenance of a full line of the latest access control devices. Whether you’re looking for card readers, keypads, biometrics or other methods to control access to various areas of your home or business, we’ve got you covered.

Most access control systems can be set up to record who is using them and when which can provide an additional layer of security and provide information in case a security investigation ever becomes necessary. Access control systems can also be integrated with intercoms and surveillance systems to further increase security.

Power outages are historically an issue with electronic locks, but modern technologies have ways to deal with this. Fail-secure locks are electronic locks that automatically lock and stay locked in the event of a power outage. Fail-safe locks are electronic locks that automatically unlock and stay unlocked in the event of an outage. These can be coupled with analog locks to give you the option of manually controlling access to areas, even when power is lost.

Our maintenance and instruction services are of course ongoing, and you can be confident we will do everything in our power to ensure your important security features will always be functioning properly.

Access Control Services For Businesses & Offices in Chicago

Access Control Installation


On The Go Locksmith offers six different types of access control systems for our commercial clients.  Our licensed locksmiths can install the following access control systems:

Magnetic Card Readers:
Magnetic keycard systems work like credit cards, with a magnetic stripe on a card that is swiped through a reader to provide access.
  Proximity readers:
Proximity readers work similarly to magnetic card readers, allowing for keycards to be programmed for multiple people. Instead of swiping your card through a reader, you simply wave it near the reader. This system is generally considered simpler and more convenient to use, but the real advantage lies in its consistency and durability. Magnetic stripes on cards  can wear out and become finicky. Properly installed proximity readers and cards however, are much more consistent, and very rarely require maintenance.
  Automated Vehicle ID:
Automated Vehicle ID works like a long range proximity reader. A small transponder can be inconspicuously placed on a vehicle which allows for a gate to be automatically opened as the user approaches.
Keypads are a simple and effective way to provide access control. Keypads can be programmed to use a single code for everyone, or to allow a separate code for each individual, making it easier to control access distribution.
Biometric locks use cutting-edge technology to identify those requiring access using fingerprints. A master fingerprint can be programmed to allow the main user(s) to add or remove access for others.
Bluetooth locks are a fairly new, and particularly convenient way to control access. Users install an app on their smartphones, from which they can lock and unlock the lock remotely and monitor access of others. It is of course especially important utilize security features on your phone when using this technology, as your building will only be as secure as your phone.

Please note: There can be legal issues involved in installing electronic locks on fire-rated doors. If you’re interested in installing electronic locks, it’s important to have access to your building’s fire code.


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