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Virtual doormen are a fantastic piece of technology that provides significant increases in both safety and convenience. They may lack the personal touch of a smile and a door held open. But otherwise, a virtual doorman can provide nearly all the same services as the real thing.

The standard setup for a virtual doorman includes a set of security cameras which are being closely monitored by individuals at a call center and remote access to the building locks. Agents provide building monitoring 24/7 and are prepared to contact authorities at the first sign of an emergency.

Operators at the call centers generally get to know residents in the buildings they manage and can allow access if a resident has lost their keys. They can also control access for resident’s guests. It is not uncommon for residents throwing a party to provide a guest list to the call center, allowing them to handle the process of screening and granting access, allowing the hosts to focus on final preparations.  In the event of a package delivery, access can be granted to the building, lobby, or a secured, dedicated room where packages are stored.

Virtual Doorman Services for all Businesses & Offices in Chicago



Virtual doorman services help in increasing the security for your benefits. Virtual doorman services offers three major benefits to your business security:

  Enhanced Security For Employees and Property
  Prevent Unauthorized Users From Entering The Property
 Curtail Property Theft and Vandalism

We have the expertise and technology to install the right virtual doorman system for your business. Please contact us today to set up an appointment.

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