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Protect all your valuables with our wide selection of safes. On The Go Locksmith deals with a variety of both burglary and fire safes to serve any purpose. Safes are most commonly installed on walls where they can be left visible or concealed through a variety of techniques. If you’re looking for a less intrusive form of safe installation, we are also happy to securely mount them to a floor. We do not recommend leaving burglary safes unmounted, however. An unmounted safe affords thieves the opportunity to transport the entire safe to another location where they can take as much time as they need to get into it. While we pride ourselves on working with top manufacturers and the most advanced technology, there will never be such a thing as an uncrackable safe, and after days or weeks of devoted effort, even the most secure safes will eventually fail.

Safes are an important option to consider anytime you need an extra layer of security to store money, sensitive documents, firearms, or other valuables. We offer a variety of lock methods, as well as varying levels of resistance to fire, water, and tampering. From selection to installation, let On The Go Locksmith help keep your valuables safe!

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   Fire Resistant Safe
 Burglary Safe
  Standalone Home Safe
 Wall Safe
 Floor Safe
   Gun Safe
  Jewelry Safe


   Bank Vault
  Office Safe
  Hotel Safe
  Data Safe
   Drop Safes

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