There’s a myriad of reasons why one might need to duplicate a key. Perhaps you want to make a spare key for a new roommate, family, babysitter, or a neighbor you trust. Maybe your key got stuck in the lock or broke. Whatever your reason is, today’s automated electronic key-cutting gadgets make it easy to get a duplicate key in a snap.

But, not all duplicate keys are created equal.

Novices Have Made it to the Industry

The key-cutting industry is filled with shoddy locksmiths, scams, and novices who don’t know much. That’s why you need to make due diligence to locate an expert Chicago locksmith who will deliver value for your top dollars.


Issues when Duplicating Keys

Right off the bat, you need to understand that keys are made of varying alloys and metals. A good locksmith near me uses only the strongest metal to make the best keys. Apart from the material, the cutting technique might also impact on how your duplicate key works. With that in mind, it’s always paramount to ask your local auto locksmiths about their key-cutting process and material used.


Common Types of Key-Cutting or Duplication Services

(1) Cutting Using Key Codes

These are alphanumeric series of characters that can be utilized to make a key. The key codes determine the key’s set of teeth, depth, spaces, and other vital information on its shape. A credible Chicago locksmith knows how to interpret them and make an exact key copy without much hassle.

(2) Damaged Key Replacement

Never weld or glue keys that got stuck in the lock or broke. Instead, replace them with the help of a top-notch locksmith near me.

(3) Spare Key Making

You can get a copy of your key cut for a fraction of the cost


Hire Pro Chicago Locksmith

Key-cutting or duplication is not a job for the newbies. Remember the integrity of your key is crucial for the safety of your valuables and loved ones. After all, the last thing you want is a key that refuses to work in the middle of a freezing winter night.


Why Hire a Pro?

  • 24/7 Services: A Chicago locksmith worth his salt is available day or night, weekday or weekend, holidays, and odd-hours to duplicate your key.
  • The Right Tools for the Job: It doesn’t matter if your key-cutting job is complicated, the pro will do it in a breeze.
  • Pro Advice: a good locksmith will offer you great advice on best material for key as well as the type of locks that provide utmost security
  • Superior Training and Knowledge


How to know if a locksmith near me is a pro?

  • Experience: When it comes to key-cutting, the expertise of the locksmith takes priority. The more experienced the locksmith, the more confidence you’ll have in them.
  • Insurance: Make sure that the auto locksmith is not only fully bonded but also insured. It’ll help you rest assured knowing that your valuables are in good hands.
  • Try Local: It’s always wise to go for local locksmiths — the chances are that your neighbor, friend or family can vouch for them.