Most homeowners are often content with the locks that came originally with the garage door. Some even reuse the lock without giving it much thought when replacing the garage door. What most people seem to neglect is that the garage door still remains the most crucial entry point to your home.

The thing is: a large amount of home break-in cases happen through garage doors. Due to neglect and lousy locks, they are the most vulnerable entry point of most homes. So, if you’ve been overlooking your garage door lock, it might be high-time to re-evaluate and consider updating it.

Here’s a review of the best 4 door locks you ought to consider for the utmost safety of your garages and your home as a whole. Read on to learn more about these top-notch garage door locks.


#1. Electronic-Operate Garage Door Locks

Garage door locks that electronically operate offer cutting edge security and technology, and are probably the most advanced in your entire home. They often utilize biometric access system, implying that you use your fingerprint to open the garage door. Fact is: electronically-operated garage door locks store multiple fingerprints within the system, allowing several family members to open or close the garage.

The deal-breaker for most homeowners is that these nifty door locks don’t come cheap. They feature state of the start tech, and the price-tag is worth every penny in the long term.


#2. Door Deadbolts for Garages

Another type of garage door lock recommended by the Chicago locksmith is door deadbolts. They usually come in two distinct configurations. The double cylinder configurations mean that you can use a key to unlock the garage door from both the inside and outside of the garage. On the other side, the single cylinder type can be unlocked on the outside and inside using a key and a knob respectively.

Deadbolts door locks are more advanced than spring-type locks that come standard on most garage door hardware. Needless to say, they are much harder for burglars to break and recommended by Chicago locksmiths.


#3. Digital Locks (Keyless)

This type of door locks is keyless, meaning that it’s operated with a keypad — rather than using a key. You need to enter a particular keycode for the garage door to unlock. A locksmith usually recommends the lock because they cannot be broken into using a jimmy jack.

Keyless digital door locks are also reasonable expensive, but most manufacturers offer lifetime warranties. That only goes to show how much confidence they have in their locks.


#4. T-Handle Locks

If you’ve a metal garage door, the chances are that you have got a T-handle lock installed. While it’s operated using a key, the keys are often distinctly shaped and less vulnerable to break-ins. Nonetheless, these locks can be unlocked on both the outside and inside of the garage door.


There you are – 4  top-rate types of garage door locks. Ask your Chicago locksmith to recommend the perfect one for your garage from the list.