If you’re in the market for new locks, you might consider a keypad lock. They offer another layer of security to your home, and are often more convenient. After all, if your door opens with a password, you don’t need to worry about losing your keys. So let’s take a look at the 3 main aspects you’ll consider when choosing a keypad lock: security, convenience, and style.


Is a keypad lock as secure as a normal key lock? Absolutely, and more so in some cases. Do you (or your kids, let’s be honest) forget to lock the door when you come in? Many keypad locks will lock as soon as the door closes, and some, like the August Smart Lock, will autolock after a set amount of time.

Some can be programmed for multiple pin numbers. So if you have a neighbor walking your dogs and taking in the mail while you’re on vacation, you can set a specific passcode for them and revoke access when you come back from your trip.

There’s no such thing as an un-pickable lock. However, the fact that these locks don’t have the key entry means it’s much harder to break in with conventional lockpicking tools.



On that note, not having to carry keys is awesome. You never have to worry about losing your key or locking them in your house by accident. All you have to do is punch in your code and you’re good to go!

Another thing to consider is that you can’t break a key that isn’t there. Especially with the winter weather in Chicago, traditional locks can freeze and stick in the cold. If you try to force a key to turn in a frozen lock, it might break, and then you have double the trouble.



There are a lot of options out there for keypad locks in 2018. Whether you’re looking for something modern and futuristic, or a more subtle lock, there’s a keypad lock for you. If you have an older home and are worried about clashing styles when installing a keypad lock, look for recessed options, or those that have a sliding faceplate. These will blend in more, rather than distracting from the overall aesthetic of your home. If you live in a documented, protected historic home, you might have had to agree that you wouldn’t change the exterior style of the house. These hidden locks are the perfect option for those who want a modern convenience without the high tech look.

If you don’t necessarily want to hide the lock, give careful consideration to the hardware finish. Just like you can choose glossy, matte, dark, light, and aged options for hardware like faucets and drawer pulls, you have a similar variety when it comes to locks. For example, the Schlage Z-Wave Connect is a digital touch screen keypad. It offers multiple finishes for the surrounding hardware, including satin nickel, satin chrome, bright chrome, bright brass, and aged bronze. And they aren’t the only keypad locks with that variety. Chicago has a wide range of home styles, from the historic to the new. If your home is more modern, you’ll want to explore stainless steel and chrome looks. For something older, like a Victorian, you’ll want something more antique like brass. If all else fails, look at what you have on your windows and porch lights and match to that.

Following these simple style guide lines, you’ll be able to find a keypad lock to fit any architectural style.


Are you ready to install? Call your local Chicago locksmith to get your keypad locks today.