When you travel, a world of dreams travels with you. From what to do when you get to the destination, to what to use in each of these places. And on your return? How many dreams and how many gifts return inside the luggage.

You arrive at the airport, pick up your bag, and go home with stories to tell and gifts to deliver. So far, the perfect setting. But what if you find yourself at the airport, waiting for your bag, and it doesn’t show up? Then the nightmare begins.


Baggage claimAccording to research by Business Wire, 36 million suitcases are lost every year. And there are still those that are opened, damaged, and stolen. Have you ever been through this? I have. It is a feeling of helplessness, because even if you are financially compensated for what was in it, nothing pays off the sentimental cost of each object chosen for that special person.

HeadacheAnd then the headache of the search for the suitcase begins: where is it, has it been stolen, is it lost, when will it come back? These are concerns that no one wants to have at the end of a great vacation. As much as you lock the suitcase with a padlock, sometimes the burglars do not mind breaking it in order to get what’s inside.

What if you could avoid it? If you could know where your suitcase is, if you could trace it, would it be worth a greater investment in security? From my own experience, I can say yes. It is better to invest in caution than in headache pills in these cases.



Variety of modern padlocksThere is a padlock coming to a digital market near you – also considered a fashion accessory, because of its design – that is able to locate your luggage anywhere in the world. It has an international traffic system monitored by GPS and GPRS and can be controlled by your smartphone via bluetooth. An integrated tracking system, that works around the world, is linked to a paired app on your smartphone. This way, your luggage can be located around the world through the paired app. Thorough research was led to combine both an accurate tracking system with a long life battery.

Simply lift to weigh: this is CHEN’s second innovative functionality. An integrated hook lets you weigh your luggage, and the data is instantly sent to your paired smartphone. A strain gauge combined with a bluetooth module operates the weighing system, to allow analysis and transmission of luggage weight data to the paired smartphone.

Last but not least, a smartphone app locks the padlock. No need for keys.

Modern padlockSo if you happen to arrive at your destination, but your bag does not, you can locate it in a short time and go straight to the place where you can pick it up. This is the dream of every traveler: to arrive at home, to distribute their gifts, to lie down and to sleep. No headache.