The garage door is evidently one of the largest movable parts in your

home. Besides adding a sense convenience, functionality and lushness,

it makes the property aesthetically appealing. However, for it to offer all

those benefits, it needs regular servicing to keep it in tip-top shape.  The

following are some basic door maintenance tricks that you can use to

extend the life of your door and ensure that it operates smoothly and

efficiently at all times.

Garage door

Be observant

Bearing in mind that garage doors break down gradually, the best

maintenance tip is to observe it keenly each time you operate it. You

should listen to and watch the way it acts. For instance, does it make

scrapping and grinding noises each time you try to open it, or is it silent?

When you operate the door does it run smoothly or is it bumpy and jerky

at some places. Such information can prove quite useful since it could

be an early indication of some impending future problem. Consequently,

you can address it promptly and prevent massive damage or even

personal injury.

Test the Garage Door Balance

Every once in a month you should conduct the garage door balance test

to ascertain whether the door is perfectly balanced and that the door

opener is not overworked. Just pull the release handle to disconnect the

automatic opener, and try to lift the door halfway manually. If it moves

smoothly without any difficulty and remains fully open, then the door is

ok. However, if it opens with difficulty or it does not stay put once you

open it, the springs and the door might be out of balance and in need of

professional adjustment.


Lubricate all moving parts

Even though lubricating the garage door takes just ten minutes in a

year, the effort translates into years of enjoying seamless operations.

Furthermore, it enables your door to operate without making squeaky

sounds. Take your time and apply lube on all moving parts of the

garage door, such as the opener’s chain, rusty overhead springs, spring

shaft bearings, and track rollers. Nonetheless, avoid using grease,

unless it is the light lithium-based type. Grease tends to harden during

the cold weather causing the door to operate with much difficulty.

Excellent lubricant choices would be the silicone based sprays.

Clean the door tracks

At times what is keeping your doors from operating well are the debris

and matter which have built up along the trail. Consequently, when you

try to run the door, these fragments create increased friction thereby

hindering the movement. Create time once or twice each month to

inspect and clean the garage door tracks. It is equally critical that you do

not lubricate the track as the oil or grease will trap dirt and lead to the

buildup of more problematic debris. The best way of cleaning the track

is to wipe out the inside of the track using a wet cloth and repeat the

same process with a dry cloth.

Inspect the garage door sensors

You need to ensure that your garage door responds when you press the

wall button or remote control. If it doesn’t, ascertain whether the

“lockout” switch is on or if the safety sensors located near the ground on

the door are working. If the sensor lights are either blinking or not

emitting any light, then they might be broken, or out of alignment. Due to

their vicinity to the ground, it is not unusual for the sensors to move out

of position. If that is the case, get a competent garage door technician to

help you realign the sensors.

Replace the Weatherstripping

Exposure to the sun and other agents can cause your garage door’s

weatherstripping to crack, brittle, and deteriorate. When that happens, it

makes it easy for elements to get into your garage or house. Therefore,

if you notice that your garage door’s rubber weather seal is faulty, you

should renew it as soon as possible. Just head to the hardware and

purchase a new one, cut it to the appropriate size and replace the worn

out strip with the fresh one.

Ensure the reversing mechanism works efficiently

The reversing mechanism in your door is not just an aesthetic feature

but rather a lifesaving one. You, therefore, need to ensure that the

device works correctly. Each month, you should test it using a wooden

plank to make sure that it automatically reverses when it detects any

foreign object that is nearby. In case the door does not reverse,

consider replacing it or hiring a garage door specialist to fix it.


While all these ideas can help keep the garage door in perfect shape,

always let a qualified technician handle all major repairs. After all, the

door can still pose serious damage or injuries.